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If you haven’t already, check out the HCLDR Twitter chats every Tuesday evening (Eastern time). They’re insightful and a great way to connect with others who are tackling similar challenges in healthcare. I especially liked this one about healthcare and Twitter — and another recent one about creating movements in healthcare.


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Have we past the Twitter peak? Is Twitter in decline?

These were the questions that John Lynn @techguy and I recently debated. We were talking about how each of us were doing more and more outside of Twitter (like Blabs, podcasts and videos) and I made the comment that Twitter seemed to be slowly dying as a conduit for healthcare communication. John disagreed and pointed to sustained high volume of clickthrus to his various #HealthIT blogs via Twitter.

As is usual with John, he had some keen insight to offer:

I think we’re seeing the ascendency of video and visual, but not necessarily the decline of Twitter. Kind of reminds me of people who said that email was dead. Email is not dead and is still extremely powerful. Twitter is too. I do think the heyday of Twitter is over. Building a following on Twitter…

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Gamification in Healthcare – Let’s Play!

If you’re not thinking about the overlap between games and healthcare, then you’re not thinking about real behavior change in healthcare.

Bernadette Keefe MD

games-geek-dice-nerd-gold-dnd-ancient-dungeons-and-dragons-board-games-games-20-sided-die-HD-WallpapersBernadette Keefe MD

 “Playing a game is the voluntary effort to overcome unnecessary obstacles.” (Bernard Suits)


Game-play focuses and controls our attention, taps into our innate strengths, thrills us utterly, and compels us to greater resilience in the attainment of more powerful and effective skills. For these reasons, some believe that game-play is an invaluable tool to employ in tackling the biggest problems in our world today.

The ability of gaming to focus human attention so completely has attracted all those who wish to harness just a piece of that attention for their own ends. Business, education, and healthcare have all used gamification with the hopes of affecting certain desired behaviors. The goals of gamification in healthcare would be no less than to effect personal and societal behavior change, to achieve improved individual health, and the health of populations.

A flurry of aspirational papers and some early results…

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I’m Back in Consulting-Land!

A few weeks back, I was creating a positioning document for an emerging national patient advocacy group when it clicked: This is fun. This is challenging. This is valuable.

I got the consulting bug. In a good way. And I’m excited to do more of it.

Since then, I’ve been working on some very cool projects, like:

  • For a major national consumer brand, I helped re-vamp its social media crisis response plan. The plan includes a new idea: a “social media all-stop,” which empowers the communications team to avoid some serious social media pitfalls in times of a crisis.
  • Together with the leaders of an emerging patient advocacy group, I crystallized their messaging into a concise, compelling vision. The document that we created will help ensure their message is consistent across fundraising, marketing and communications channels.
  • For an award-winning food and nutrition communications and consulting agency, I collaborated on the media relations section of a new business proposal, which they won. Congratulations, award-winning food and nutrition communications and consulting company!

So, I’m back at it. And looking forward to working with engaged, smart, interesting people on projects that create value. For example, I can help with:

  • Behavior change campaigns. From developing creative new campaigns to helping execute on existing ones and reporting on campaigns that have already happened. This can include media relations, social media, digital marketing, advertising and even publications.
  • Social media and digital strategy. Paid search, owned media, social media — none of it exists in a vacuum, especially for your audiences. Together, we can integrate the tactics you’re doing now to maximize your return on investment.
  • Communications strategy, planning, messaging & proposals. It’s hard to work on the future-forward stuff like planning or messaging or proposals when you’re busy executing on other stuff. While you’re off making clients happy by being awesome, I can help with the other pieces.


    Talking crisis communications with the PRSA Health Academy. Good times!

  • Speaking & teaching gigs. I love a good public conversation that generates new ideas and creates new connections! Over the last few years, I’ve presented at national meetings like the Public Relations Society of America Health Academy, the American Society of Association Executives Membership, Marketing and Communications meeting and many others.
  • Summer projects and other stuff. Summer is great for capacity building, and Labor Day will be here before we know it. If you’re in media relations or communications, there’s always ways to build capacity. And sometimes high-value stuff like that ends up languishing at the bottom of your to-do list for a long time. Together, with just a phone call or two, we can take other stuff and make it valuable stuff.

Getting started is easy. (If you’ve worked with me in the past, you know this.) Drop me a line or shoot me an email. Heck, you can even be presumptuous and just send me a meeting invite at

We’ll make it work.

We’ll create value together. And you’ll look like a rock star in the process.

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